Regulatory Council

IGP Vi de la Terra Mallorca is a quality brand, a Protected Geographical Indication that constituted its Regulatory Council in 2017.

  • President: Antoni Bennàsar
  • Vice President: Miquel Oliver
  • Manager: Marina Vera


Our history in winemaking dates back to the 7th and 6th centuries BC. During the conquest of the island and later domain of the Roman Empire, the vineyard was introduced, its cultivation was developed and the winemaking activity reached a great importance.
Since the 90s, the wine sector has been committed to improving quality, paying greater attention to crops and promoting and renewing wineries. In recent years we have been working to recover and protect the autochthonous grape varieties that make our wines unique.
In Mallorca we are modern with the tradition of an island with values that have lasted over time. We want to maintain our wine-growing heritage, and continue creating wines and stories that touch and transcend future generations.

Norms and legislations

All bottles with the geographical indication “Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca” carry a number assigned by the Regulatory Council, which corresponds to the control and certification of the wine.

3640 km2

Extension of the island

1.100 Has.

Of vineyard

64 wineries

In the island

4.5 millions Kg

of grapes per year

306 vine-growers


300 brands

Of wine