Can you imagine what it must have been like to savor a glass of Mallorcan wine centuries ago? A true ritual. This is exactly what wine has symbolized throughout our history: a ceremony that we repeat day by day.

Romans, Christians, Arabs… All those who have arrived on the island of Mallorca over time fell in love with our humid and fruity land, and left their mark when it came to producing authentic, fresh and with unmistakable Mediterranean aromas.

To talk about Mallorca is to talk about wine culture, indisputably linked to the expression of the land and our culture. We produce quality wines and are proud of what makes them different; they have the flavor of fleeting beauty, of a sunset or the glow of the sea on a radiant summer day. They are sensations that we know excite you, that can hardly be explained, but that you know are different. And just as the sun rises every day, remember that you too can enjoy a Vi de la Terra whenever you want to reconnect with the essence and landscape of Mallorca.

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