Who are we?

Vi de la Terra Mallorca is protected by the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), a quality label covering and guarding a product that has been elaborated in a specific territory, in this case, Mallorca. The IGP does not control the origin of the product, but guarantees its particularities. All the wines produced by the wineries affiliated with Vi de la Terra de Mallorca are made only with grapes from the island, therefore, the Geographical Indication has a very important and special link with our land. Vi de la Terra de Mallorca currently consists of 1,840 hectares of producing vineyards and 72 registered wineries.

Regulatory Council

Established in 2017, the Regulatory Council—in charge of deciding the day-to-day affairs of Vi de la Terra Mallorca with regard to management and promotion—is formed by four representatives of IGP wineries and four representatives of IGP winegrowers. These eight representatives are in charge of electing the president, vice president and technical secretary. From December 2021, Magdalena Mesquida chairs the Regulatory Council with Conxa Rosillo as vice-president and Marina Vera as manager.

Marketing Committee

Formed by Ramon Servalls as representative of the winegrowers; Jaime Llabrés, from Son Prim; Xisca Morey, from Tianna Negre; Bernat Baucà, from Dalt Turó; Rafael Montero, from Son Juliana; Isabel Alabern, from Son Puig; Sebastià Ordines, from 7103 Peti Celler; Elisabeth, from Can Vidalet, and Magdalena Mesquida, Conxa Rosillo, Marina Vera and Carme Barceló from the Marketing Committee, in charge of coordinating the work done by the wineries. In their meetings, they decide budget investments and communication strategies.



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