Can you imagine what it must have been like to savor a glass of Mallorcan wine centuries ago? A true ritual. This is exactly what wine has symbolized throughout our history: a ceremony that we repeat day by day.

Romans, Christians, Arabs… All those who have arrived on the island of Mallorca over time fell in love with our humid and fruity land, and left their mark when it came to producing authentic, fresh and with unmistakable Mediterranean aromas.


Vi de la Terra Mallorca finds its essence in its environment, which develops its maximum expression through the 5 senses. From Raiguer to Migjorn; from Palma to the Serra de Tramuntana; from the Plan to the Levant. A special landscape, with a special and unique orography for the wines of the heart of the Mediterranean.


More than 60 wineries

Slow down and discover a new way of living, feeling and enjoying wine.

The passion of Mallorcan wine producers has always come from the same place: the land and the vineyard. Its producers tirelessly seek to make original, unique and exciting wines.


Last October 1 we celebrated the first edition of the Raïm Wine Fest in Costix. An event where music, art, our local product and some surprises came together to celebrate the arrival of winter. Stay tuned for the dates we’ll be releasing soon.

Regulatory Council

Vi de la Terra Mallorca is protected by the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), It is a quality brand that protects a product made and transformed in a specific territory, in this case, Mallorca. The IGP does not control the origin of the product, but endorses its particularities. For this reason, all the wines of the Vi de la Terra de Mallorca affiliated wineries are made with exclusive grapes from the island, so our Geographical Indication has a very important and special link with our territory. Vi de la Terra de Mallorca currently consists of 1,840 hectares of producing vineyards and 72 registered wineries.

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