Sea, terroir and sun.

Vi de la Terra Mallorca finds its essence in its environment, which develops its maximum expression through the 5 senses. From Raiguer to Migjorn; from Palma to the Serra de Tramuntana; from the Plan to the Levant. A special landscape, with a special and unique orography for the wines of the heart of the Mediterranean.


29 wineries

The protection of the Serra de Tramuntana, which creates a special microclimate, becomes a perfect ally for the cultivation of our own varieties: Moll, Premsal blanc and Mantonegro. Call red, a loamy, infertile and spongy soil, with deep soils, which provides powerful, full-bodied and concentrated wines and favors tight and high-quality productions. The wines of the area have a marked intensity of color and aromas.


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In this area, where hot and dry summers and mild winters predominate, the adaptability of the local varieties results in very special wines. The mantonegro and the yellow grouse, in the Plan, are particularly appreciated. Although the wines show low acidity, they are very aromatic, smooth and easy to drink.


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Sea and mountains create a special microclimate, with large thermal differences between day and night. The Tramuntana vineyards, all at altitude, ripen more slowly, which gives the wines more aroma, more freshness and more acidity. The vines are planted in the marshes, on the coasts of the Serra and need manual work and daily attention to give all their expressiveness, which is noticeable in each of the wines, which are very different from other areas of the island.


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Temperate zone, with multiple expressions, which favors the production of terroir wines with character. With excellent storage potential, friendly flavours, with personality and excellent freshness, the protagonist wines of this landscape are born with tannic structure, spicy and fruity aromas.

Serra de Llevant

5 Wineries

Privileged area, with a strong marine influence that determines the way to work the plants, especially the black grape, with high salinity. The results are wines with a good alcoholic content, structured, durable and of high quality, with a multitude of unique characteristic nuances.


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With a different climate to the rest of the island, with colder and warmer temperatures, the vineyards in this area of Migjorn have a very good concentration of black varieties. As for the white varieties, they stand out for having a very good maturation and a much more marked aromatic potential than in other areas.

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